The visual artist Janaritta Armooti opened an art exhibition inspired by the pandemic conditions

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Janaritta Armooti the Jordanian visual artist has opened her solo exhibition which is titled “From Black to White”. in Amman on Thursday, attended only by officials and media persons due to the coronavirus pandemic so people from around the world could see her artwork online.
The exhibition was opened under the patronage of the minister of culture Mr Ali alayed in the presence of the guest of honour his excellency the representative Mr Saleh Armooti
at la vie which was organised by razan Armooti

Armooti’s exhibition involves several topics: “art and its relationship with the positive energy and with therapeutic, psychological as well as the physical therapy. Also, the relation between art and languages.”

Minister Al-Ayed praised in the exhibition, which was attended by the guest of honor, MP Saleh Al-Armouti, for the works included in the exhibition, appreciating the efforts of the young artist, the humanitarian and cultural messages contained in the artworks, and the optimism and positive energy they carry.
Al-Ayed said that we are proud of one of the graduates of the Art Institute of the Ministry of Culture, and that the youth are the future of the nation, and as long as there is art and artists, there is optimism for the future.
For his part, MP Al-Armouti expressed his appreciation for the work of the artist, which he described as creative, which mixes culture, science and beauty in her works.
janaritta Armooti is the president of international art organization worldwide and her artworks have been exhibited around the world.

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